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Site Management Solutions

Dynamic IT organizations require creative and strategic staffing solutions that exceed expectations. 

And while traditional VMO offerings focus on software, Bradford and Galt’s Site Management Solutions focuses on Quality, Speed and Value.  Our ability to select qualified IT professionals combined with a well-defined process for resource deployment, administration and retention enables us to help clients succeed with major IT initiatives.  


• Custom profiles for technical skills and experience, industry experience and soft skills.
• Custom-tailored SLA and reporting. 
• Rapid response issue resolution.

Proven Results: 50% or greater reduction in performance issues; Up to 100% reduction in client management time spent qualifying candidates; 50% or greater improvement in assignment completion rates.


• Streamlined fulfillment process.
• Fixed bill rates by job type.
• Efficient on-boarding and administrative processes.

Proven Results: 50% or greater reduction in “time-to-fill”; Greatly reduced assignment learning curve; Elimination of time spent on case-by-case bill rate negotiations.


• Onsite management at no charge.
• Bradford & Galt is accountable for overall performance.

Proven Results: Significant reallocation of client IT/HR management time to core tasks; Elimination of client management time spent on vendor issues.

Bradford & Galt's Site Management Solutions enables clients to re-allocate staff time to core tasks.